Socio-Political History of Mexico


General course objectives:
Students will learn the events, national and international processes that have shaped our history on a political, social, ideological, and cultural level.

Through a critical analysis of them, they will better understand through time the ties that have maintained the Mexican society’s cohesion and the conflicts that have posed an obstacle.

Finally, they will make a well substantiated judgment on the historical account of our nation allowing them to formulate their own answers and, in a responsible manner, transcend their personal life into that of society.

Main themes and minor themes

  • Preamble: Europe and American in the fifteenth and sixteenth century
  • The construction of the imperial unity
    • The Government of the House of Austria and the anthropological and cultural problem
  • The end of the imperial unity to the imperialism of new powers
    • The sinuous road to Modernity
    • The hesitant beginnings of Independent Mexico
    • The Surge of New Powers and the Interventions
  • The victory of liberalism in the beginning of the twentieth century
    • The “Porfiriato”