Academic Department of General Studies


The main objective and content of the Academic Department of General Studies are the same as those of the Academic Division of General Studies and International Studies. These include the integral development of the human being, the formation of a freer and more just society, and the promotion of greater progress and social prosperity, which is a task shared by all academic units of the institute. The department participates in its fulfillment as it seeks the integration of the individual and its social development from a fundamental humanistic perspective.

Thus, General Studies is considered to be the academic division that is best oriented toward developing in the person a quality that enables its integral development and prepares the individual to find its place meaningfully and responsibly in the world through a historical trajectory.

The content of the academic area of the department is composed of:

  • Any expression by human beings whose intellectual consideration is not limited, exclusively, to the field of methods and explanations of the particular sciences.
  • A set of specific areas formed by what might still be called “humanities”: history, literature, art, education, religion and philosophy.
  • Based on these two components, and shifting the primacy of one over the other, whichever is most appropriate for each case, the department carries out its activities of teaching, research, continuing education, and outreach.